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Phony: [ Brand Name Figure ]
Owner: [ thy ]
Have you sent your PhBux? [ yes ]

What job do you take on, and why? [
Fancy Free is the receptionist of the gym he was first referred to at Phony City. It's a great job; they don't even care that he spends most of his time staring off into space thinking about choreography instead of taking phonies' entrance fees! But for some reason they never give him a shift alone.

Oh, you thought Bubble and Squeak wouldn't know the ultimate free food secret? She's a food journalist who gets her meals at ritzy restaurants comped by the newspaper she works for. She's knowledgeable in her field, too; someday she'll be the next Jonathan Goldfish!

No Filter is a tour guide. He doesn't know why, but sometimes people happen upon him just minding his own business at a landmark and ask for a tour in exchange for a generous tip. He's great at 'fake it til you make it'.
What's the first thing you're gonna spend your paycheque on? [
Fancy Free's neighbors have been so generous to him while he doesn't have a fridge! It'd probably be a great idea to get them a gift basket: a nice, fluffy towel, a reusable insulated water bottle with plenty of space, a nice watch with an accurate timer, some sweat-wicking gear...those are all things Fancy Free would love to have, so he's sure his neighbors will think the same!

Bubble and Squeak is ready to celebrate her first paycheck with a down payment on her first car. Bo-ring, she knows, but it's important to make engagements on time when your schedule's as full as hers should be!

No Filter is definitely getting a new DSLR.

What does your new home look like?

Fancy Free finds himself in a tiny studio, nearly devoid of furniture...mostly because his landlord scammed him, but at least it means there's plenty of open space for him to move around in! After proudly lining one wall with mirrors (it's a home studio!), he seems to have run out of budget for decorating. However, the fire escape makes for a great pretend balcony for him to lounge about and look relaxed (he doesn't smoke; he was raised better than that!). He keeps his wardrobe, and his toiletries, in his suitcase still (there's nowhere else to put them, and it's shaped like a treasure chest!) but admittedly he hasn't managed to figure out how he's supposed to store food yet. It's a good thing his neighbors are awful kind people, and keep inviting him over for dinner!

Yes. He lives like this.

Real estate may be pricy in Phony City, but Bubble and Squeak is a shrewd phony, and considers herself the queen of thrifting. Her space is colorful and cozy, filled to the brim with kitschy food-shaped furniture (okay, so that hamburger beanbag cushion isn't exactly a bed - but it's super comfy, and even though her cute peach blanket wouldn't make sense flavor-wise, it's super warm!). She keeps the curtains drawn to invite the light in, and the centerpiece of her home is the huge kitchen island. She has priorities, and if that means she's sleeping in a least she's living in style!

No Filter's new apartment is pretty no-frills: his furnishings all come straight from Phony Ikea, but he's got all the necessities. He uses DIY decor to keep the walls a little less bare, and managed to finagle some friends into customizing some of his furniture. He's not too bothered, though; he spends most of his time in the park cloudgazing anyway, so as long as everything's neat at home it's all good. He does keep a shelf stocked with knick knacks he picked up on his journeys; mostly beat up items that probably should've been returned to their owner instead of kidnapped into a memento. Finder's keepers!


Rolled 3d10 : 5, 5, 9, total 19

Rolled 3d10 : 4, 4, 6, total 14

Rolled 3d10 : 6, 4, 6, total 16

Rolled 3d10 : 3, 5, 8, total 16

Rolled 3d10 : 10, 5, 4, total 19

Rolled 3d10 : 6, 6, 7, total 19

Rolled 3d10 : 4, 6, 9, total 19

Rolled 3d10 : 3, 10, 6, total 19

Rolled 3d10 : 9, 5, 10, total 24

Rolled 3d10 : 8, 10, 3, total 21

Rolled 3d10 : 8, 1, 10, total 19

Rolled 3d10 : 6, 5, 6, total 17

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