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Le Phonyland Boutique (under renovation)
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Because sometimes for inexplicable reasons you need your Phony to look like that.

Some Phonies need glasses, some Phonies want ribbons……some Phonies need saddlebags, and working Phonies uniforms…some Phonies love dresses for special occasions (rarely) and some shirtfronts and bowties instead…some Phonies wear hairclips, or hats, out around just because…and there's scarves in the winter, and things to tote around…

…Okay, so there's no end to the kind of things some Phonies may want, but no Phony knows how much it'll cost in Bux or RL$ because Maxx is the tailor, and he's working off an offer system instead.



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. Le Phonyland Boutique .

Le Phonyland Boutique provides haute couture - specially made and perfectly fitted Phony Wear. But such quality comes at a price, because Maxx is the resident tailor and he grumbles a lot. While most requested Phonywear happen to be clothes, anything not organically part of the Phony is considered Phonywear - from hoofheld accessories, to dirt smudges on a cheek! This makes Maxx a very busy tailor busy that custom Phonywear is not common, but occasionally possible through Bux offers, Phony Points, and especially RL$. See details below...

Behold our happy customers:

We have dolled up several happy couples for their weddings:
Tangles & Yawn . Negative & Noel . Tacquita & Ender . Draft Punk & Lullaby
...done some costumes:
Viking Roll To Dodge . Babby Ms. Marvel . Ravenclaw Morning Glory
- and more!


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:: Please Note
❥ Anything not organically part of the Phony is considered Phonywear, including accessories and smudges
❥ Most Phonies are perfectly happy to live out their entire lives never having worn Phonywear, so it's definitely not an integral part of the Phony experience!
❥ Only Babbies and above may equip Phonywear. No fancying up Blisterpacks & Newbabbens please! Phonywear does not transfer between lifestages.
❥ Rare strains have limitations on Phonywear due to their physiology:
- Flutters can only have simple Phonywear that avoids their wings, such as bows and sashes, and cannot wear dresses and shirts
- Carousels can only have simple Phonywear that don't interfere with their saddle/pad constructs, such as clips and bows where applicable
- Water-dwelling Mers often prefer simply marine-themed accessories, though primarily land-based Mers may consider usual Phonywear that fit where they may
❥ Some very early Phonywear Phonies with their clothes drawn directly onto the base cannot be reclothed [strike]BECAUSE THERE IS NO BODY UNDER THAT[/strike]
❥ Maxx picks up Phonywear requests fairly infrequently - if you're thinking of a permanent accessory for your Phony Quest, it's best to include that in the Quest itself than to try to acquire it separately
❥ Maxx isn't really that big on making Phonywear most of the time so if you really want something, RL$ is your best bet. Otherwise, simple and interesting/significantly relevant to your Phony is the best way to go, while the more complex a request is (e.g. an array of items, complex items, a ton of little accessories together which he has discovered he really hates doing), the more likely it is that he'll only consider RL$ for it, sorry!
❥ Phonywear is delivered by default as a variant uncert! If you'd like a re-cert for your Phony with the new Phonywear equipped, it'll have to be factored into your offer.

:: Process
❥ Le Phonyland Boutique Customs have no fixed price (other than Points redemption) and runs by offers! RL$ requests will take precedence.
❥ Offers in RL$ must be sent via email, and Points redemptions made via the Phony Points counter, but offers in Bux should be posted in this thread via the following form
Fill in the following form and post it in this thread:

[b]Phony:[/b] [ name of Phony here - link cert ]
[b]Should Phonywear Version be recerted?[/b] Yes/No
[b]Accessory/Clothing:[/b] [ name the item here: eg. bracelet, dress. If it's for a specific setting/occasion, eg. formalwear, please indicate here. ]
[b]Details:[/b] [ can be as vague or specific as you like. The more vague, the more I do whatever I find suitable. If you decide to be specific, please note that it may be heavily simplified to suit the Phony style. ]
[b]Offer:[/b] [ please review what you're asking for and offer accordingly ]