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Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:19:06 PM


Life was getting crowded in the Lagoon for these squishy goldfish mers, with their unusual flowy tails getting in the way, so they've decided to pack up their things, strap on their hover bracelets, and move to Phony City to be small fish in a big pond!

They were originally supposed to turn up in May, but their goldfish brains got them lost along the way and now it's almost June. Good thing their beautiful non-normative tails make up for their last braincell, 'cos you'll forgive them for their tardiness...right? 8D;; It's Goldfish Mermaybe June!


Please refer to the Directory below for a breakdown of what Goldfish Mermaybe has to offer.

Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-normative TailRyukin Goldfish - Post 2 - Concept Contest & Raffle [FREE!]
Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-normative TailBlack Moor Goldfish - Post 2 - Concept Contest & Raffle [FREE!]
Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-normative TailOranda Goldfish - Post 2 - Concept Contest & Raffle [FREE!]
Brush 'n' Grow Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-Normative Tail Fin and Hair Stripe/Gradient ComboVeiltail Goldfish - Post 3 - RL$ Auction [starting from US$50]
Goldfish Phony Pets - Post 4 - Weekly Dice Game [FREE!]
Bubbles! Phonywear Seasonal Accessory - Post 5 [50 PhBux per Phony]

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Title: Black Moor, Oranda & Ryukin Goldfish - CONTEST & FREE RAFFLE
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:19:40 PM


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Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-normative TailRyukin Goldfish
Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-normative TailBlack Moor Goldfish
Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-normative TailOranda Goldfish

These squishy Merphonies have just arrived in Phony City, starey-eyed and full of...bubbles. Life in the big city is going to be so different from their watery days in the Lagoon - but will it be better, or worse? Tell us all about them and their new homes, and they might even get a new owner - you!

For three weeks in a row, we'll ask you for information about these goldfish Mers and their new lives in the city. Each week's post counts as a raffle ticket, and the three posts collectively count as a contest entry. The contest winner gets their first pick, and the other two Phonies will be raffled off through the remaining tickets (yes, you can rush them all in the last week).

Price - FREE

There are THREE rounds in this contest, each put up on a Monday (30 May, 6 June, 13 June 2022).
The overall contest winner gets first pick, while the remaining Phonies will be raffled off with each round's entry as a ticket.
Only someone who enters all three rounds can win the contest, but entry for each round is counted as 1 ticket.
- so even if you only enter one or two select prompts, you're still in the running for the raffle.

Each of the rounds may ask for a different sort of entry, ranging from simple RP to simple design. While skill and effort do play a part in judging,
by far the most important aspect is the creativity and cohesion of concept and character of the Phony. So jump right in...

. Contest Instructions .
♥ The full contest will be running until 11.59pm EDT on 26 June 2022 - you are allowed to post replies as the prompts come out, or all at once.
- You may revise your entry posts any time before the final deadline.
♥ Please ensure you have a preference list, or your entries and tickets will be disqualified.
♥ At the end of the period, we will judge the entries and pick a winner!
- Judging will take some time, so please be patient.
♥ After the 1st contest winner, we will roll for the 2nd and 3rd winners.
♥ Winners will be @ed in-thread.

To enter this contest,

Title: Veiltail Goldfish - RL$ AUCTION
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:20:07 PM



Brush 'n' Grow Twice-As-Fancy Mer with Non-Normative Tail Fin and Hair Stripe/Gradient ComboVeiltail Goldfish

With her flowing tail, and her flowing hair - it was obvious from the moment she was born that this veiltail beauty had the golden touch.
But is she destined for stardom, or is all that glitters not gold? Perhaps we'll found out what she's worth her weight in...

Starting Bid - US$50
Minimum Bid Increment - US$5

. Bidding Instructions .
♥ We will be accepting bids (in US$ only) until 9pm EDT on 26 June 2022
♥ Upon bidding, you commit to paying your bid total upon the end of the auction
- If the final top bidder cannot do so or does not respond within 48 hours, the Phony will be offered to the next highest bidder
- Should we need to, we reserve the right to hold the auction again in special (and probably unfortunate) circumstances
♥ For details on Phony rehoming and/or potential reselling, please check the T&Cs (
♥ There is a snipe guard of 10 minutes - a bid made in the last 10 minutes will extend the bidding by another 10 minutes
♥ Winner will be announced and @ed in-thread at the end of the auction

To submit your bid,

Title: Phony Pet Goldfish Scooping - WEEKLY DICE GAME
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:20:41 PM


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Week 1 (30 May - 5 June 2022) | Week 2 (6-12 June 2022)
Week 3 (13-19 June 2022) | Week 4 (20-26 June 2022)

It seems that our new goldfish Mers have brought an influx of their round little goldfish friends with them! But they don't seem to care much about what'll happen to them (or maybe they've forgotten...), because they can now be yours in this exciting weekly game of Goldfish Scoop!

To try for these adorable goldfish, all you have to do is roll 3d10 to try matching the numbers we've rolled for the week!
Roll 2 or 3 matching dice in any order to win a goldfish!
The week's goldfish scooping will end once all 3 fish are caught, or at the end of the relevant week.

Price - FREE

. Dice Game Instructions .
♥ Your roll count is unlimited, however, you have to take turns rolling.
- this means you have to wait for someone else to roll before you can roll again.
- if you've accidentally posted without rolling/rolled the wrong dice, you can post to roll again correctly - so long you space out your correct rolls as above!
- no proxy rolling this time
♥ Each person can only win 1 goldfish per week, and a maximum of 1 premade + 1 semi goldfish throughout the event.
- so even if you've already won a goldfish, you can roll for the semi, and vice versa in other rounds
- you may trade your goldfish with others at the end of the event if you'd like
- you may also gift your goldfish to someone else
♥ Any uncaught goldfish at the end of the event will be rolled to empty-handed participants.

To roll in this week's dice game,

Title: Bubbles! Seasonal Phonywear Accessory
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:21:16 PM



Bubbles...bubbles! Get in the Mermaybe spirit by adding mysterious dubious bubbles as a Phonywear accessory to your Phony!
Everyphony can be a mermaybe with airborne bubble breath this event...for a price.

Price - 50 PhBux per Phony

. About Seasonal Accessories .
♥ This seasonal accessory will be available for purchase until 26 June 2022, 11.59pm EDT.
- It may be, but is not guaranteed, to be brought back in future events.
♥ The accessory can be placed on any Phony you choose, Babby or Old Enough!
- We will drop off uncert(s) in this thread.
- Recerts with seasonal accessories are not available at this time.
♥ The accessory colour will stay as-is, and optimal accessory placement on your Phony will be determined by Maxx.
- Please don't request specific accessory placement.

To dress your Phony up,

Title: Link Us
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:21:42 PM


If you're keen on linking us somewhere, here's our banner along with our gratitude! 8D

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Title: FAQ
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:22:22 PM

. FAQ .

If you're a first-time visitor to Phonyland who is interested in owning a Phony, please look through the currently under construction but still pretty relevant Information subforum ( for the specifics of Phony ownership!
Some selections have been reproduced below to answer the frequently asked questions of Event dynamics...

I'm here from the old stomping grounds and I am so lost bruh
We are too! But uhhh click here for WHAT'S CHANGED: Updates for Gaia Refugees (
Thank you so much for following us to a new home, especially with its current hideousness!

Wow you can see everything in the preview!
That's right! If you've read WHAT'S CHANGED (, you'll know that the standard new Phonies no longer have growing stages in our Adoptables shift from B/C life.
We figured you should get to see all of it now! If you really hate this move though, please let us know - we'll definitely keep it in mind.

What's up with these goldfish mers?
The goldfish Merphonies are roughly equivalent to the squishy Pegasi - they're not technically Pygmy Phonies, as their sizes differ from squish to squish, but they are generally smaller and squishier than the average Phony.

The Phonywear seasonal accessory is new!
Yes it is, we're trying to goldsink give you more things you can buy with PhBux!
50 PhBux is our introductory price. Please note we can't guarantee its price stability in this economy.

Can we co-own/gift Phonies?
Due to the nature of the contest(s) in this event, Phonies won through contest cannot be gifted.
Unless otherwise stated in the Event, Phony winners may gift their newly won Phony to another person,
provided that the person is registered on the MLPh forums, actually interested in our products  and is willing to assume all the required responsibilities of a Phony owner.
Co-owing is allowed, but all potential disputes must be settled by the owners themselves and there is no guarantee all owner names may fit onto the cert in excessive cases.

Can I enter if I already own a Phony?
Yes. One word: HERDS.

What happens if I win more than one Phony in this event?
Due to the limited supply, unless otherwise stated, each person can only keep up to ONE non-RL$ Phony and ONE RL$ Phony from the event.
If you win more than one free Phony, you may keep your top pick, and either gift or forfeit the remainder. For Phonies that cannot be gifted (as stated in the Event, e.g. concept contests), they must be forfeited if you choose not to keep them, where they will be given to the next runner-up. Raffle Phonies that are forfeited will be rerolled. You may make your choice only at the conclusion of the event if you'd prefer.

For Phony Pets this event, each person can only win a maximum of ONE premade goldfish and ONE semi as per the goldfish thread.

More questions will be added if they are asked!

Title: MDM Summer 2022 Event Discussion
Post by: Ph0ny on May 29, 2022, 06:22:45 PM

. Event Discussion .

Want to eschew modernity and talk about the event like it's 2002 in a proper forum thread, dangit!?

Chat with other like-minded forum-goers and

Title: Re: MDM Summer 2022: GOLDFISH MERMAYBE (JUNE)
Post by: Ph0ny on July 19, 2022, 02:09:53 PM
Thank you all for your enthusiasm this event! This summer really went swimmingly!

After a frenetic auction, Veiltail Goldfish now belongs to @HopelesslyPretty !
Thank you for loving this squishy little siren as much as we do!

Once your gruelling hard work was over, our gruelling judging begun... (Sorry about the mould detour. Ain't that summer.)
After a lot of crying and a detailed spreadsheet, Oranda Goldfish is now @Ruriska 's Catch of the Day!
Thank goodness we could depend on the angry diceroller to determine that @cursedwanderer now owns the Black Moor Goldfish, and @Fealine owns the Ryukin Goldfish!

New Phony winners, please post your Phony names right here in this thread, ideally by the weekend!

We've announced it in the Goldfish Scooping thread (, but just to recap the last fish scoopers, Blinded By Silence won the red and white goldfish, and Naotsuki won the semicustom goldfish!
Please give us a little more to engineer produce create the semicustoms, and we'll drop all the goldfish pet uncerts off in this thread again for you to post for certing.

Thank you so much for all the love and laughs and splashes you've given us this summer!
Remember Phonyland loves you with just as much violence as a log flume ride drop!
Hopefully the next event will come sooner rather than later, with some help from our owners! ;-)
Title: Re: MDM Summer 2022: GOLDFISH MERMAYBE (JUNE)
Post by: cursedwanderer on July 19, 2022, 03:33:05 PM
Moor is Beyond the Veil! :)
Title: Re: MDM Summer 2022: GOLDFISH MERMAYBE (JUNE)
Post by: Fealine on July 19, 2022, 05:51:30 PM
Homahgosh this has been the highlight of my month!!
Congrats other winners!!

Also if it is allowed, I'd like to go with my entry name of Fin Fin (its meant to be like the fish version of moon moon >> lol)
Title: Re: MDM Summer 2022: GOLDFISH MERMAYBE (JUNE)
Post by: Ph0ny on July 31, 2022, 12:18:48 PM
Pet winners, please post for certing here ( with your goldfishes uncert(s) below. Thank you!

( (

( (





( (


@Blinded By Silence