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Aegis had kept in touch with Witch Hazel since the clean up job since the filly was pretty cool and seemed into some neat stuff. Similar to her brother only not quite as outlandishly crazy, but still. The concepts were cool, even if it wasn't something Aegis found herself super good at. But the filly had called her over today to give her something and Aegis was all about free stuff.

With a grin, she told her parents she'd be back later, slapped her saddle bags over her carousel saddle and set off towards Witch Hazel's house. She had remembered where it was easily enough and found herself at their door in no time. She coughed a second, clearing her breath before reaching out to knock on the door. "Hellloooo? Mister Cloud sir, or Hazel, its me, Aegis!" she shouted at the door before stepping back, almost proud of herself though she wasn't sure why. Perhaps she was just simply excited for whatever this was going to turn out to be?



Aegis had a conundrum.

She had been training for a while now with Oathkeeper and really enjoyed her time with the other filly, learning the best ways to efficiently punch, kick and preserve her stamina. For a filly, she felt she had gained some moderately nice muscle and things that were hard or taxing on her felt easier by the day. But it still felt like something was just missing, and she couldn't figure out what it was. Something that not even Oathkeeper had the answers for right now.

So the filly had an idea.

Her adoptive older sister was... something of a force to be reckoned with and took out plenty of nasties. Maybe she could help? Or at least Aegis hoped so. She found herself at the door to big sister Error's house and drew in a deep breath, pushing out a hoof to knock.




Shockstar glanced up at the cafe sign before back at the card he had been handed from Fruit Punch. Cloud Nine. This looked like the place.

Shockstar opened the door gently, a black and yellow cap on his head with a matching saddle bag draped over his back, both had a white silhouetted capsule logo on them. A pastel but vibrant cat sat on his back, her fluffy furr puffed out as she cleaned herself, trying not to be too jostled by his movements. Inside the bag was a starfish, half of it poked out of the top, just kind of sloshed there. The yellow pony wasn't sure if it was a seat yourself kind of deal so at first he stood nervously in the opening, just glancing around before finding a empty table to sit his stuff down at.

The cat leaped off his back and onto the cushioned seats, kneading but without claws, a faint purr echoing from her throat. She watched the yellow pony put his bag down, giving him a slight side eye before reaching around from behind to bap at the starfish as it simply slouched over to the side.

Blinking, Shockstar looked around for the one he had been told was Banana Cream, Fruit Punch's sister. He was curious to meet her since FP had mentioned she was good with critters and could possibly help them level up. "Um....hello?"


. Aegis had made a makeshift punching bag of sorts out of a sack filled with grain and some discarded paper. She had set it up outside at a park, tied to a branch on one of the smaller trees and was busy practicing her punches.

She paused only briefly to wipe a bit of sweat away from her brow and take a breath to regain herself. The bag had started swinging awkwardly and was making landing a blow difficult so she waited for it to stop. “Dumb wind.” She cursed aloud, blaming it on the near non existent breeze.

Her shoulder was starting to ache too. “Don’t give in to pain. That’s not what a proper shield does.” She chanted to herself, sizing up to swing again.



Aegis was absolutely angry.

Having to go out and collect insects or frog eggs for some kinda science class? This was total bull. Where was the punching stuff class!! Or even Physical ed so she could run and crash into things! She didn't mind getting dirty and doing things some fillies found gross but.... man there was only so much entertainment in catching a bug or a frog once. But to have to fill an entire bucket and several containers with different species to bring back?

"BBBOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG." she snorted, stomping the ground. She eyed her tiny pale filled with tools they'd all need and the collection of terrariums for insects. "Lame lame lame." she snorted, pulling out a shovel and staring cross eyed at it. Shaking her head she threw it to the ground and picked up a stick near by, the end of it nice and sharp from where it had been snapped off a tree. "Maybe I can find something fun to do with this." she grinned, stomping over to a bush and jabbing at some ants on the ground.

She'd find a way to entertain herself on this boring trip yet.


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