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The Garage
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Once upon a time, there lived a foal named Mecha Crusade. He lived a happy life constructing Gunpla models, but his hobby grew far too expensive for his allowance to purchase the latest models. Thus he, too, succumbed to the curse that is capitalism, and sought a productive career. His first choice of occupation was met with veto from supervisory adult figures, because apparently foals and cars do not mix. Convinced he'd never purchase another Phony Gunpla, he sulked for several days, until a clever friend of his envisioned a new way out...The Garage.

Wheek! Wheek! Wheek!


About Mechcars
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The wares in the Phony Bazaar's latest establishment consist of fuzzy custom toy cars (hereafter referred to as "mechcars") designed to resemble Mech's clientele. They function like wind-up mice, and contain a voice box that plays a very loud squeaking sound when squished. They are not sentient and do not move on their own, though they are very cute.

Unfortunately, the small size of a mechcar combined with the limited stock of supplies from the manufacturer means that phonies will not necessarily be represented on a one-to-one basis. While species and color scheme can be replicated quite easily, details may be lost, and Mech does not provide custom hair jobs at this time. Other customizations may be available on a case by case basis.


Phony Cars
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For now, a Mechcar will cost 15 Phonybux for a phony who does not require significant base edits (accessories, extensive TAF, and some non-normative features fall under this category). This price is subject to change if for some reason a lot of people want these ( ? ? ? ). This price will include a car custom colored to resemble your phony, as well as either a sticker or a paint job representative of their cutie mark (it will be simplified a lot). Some colors (like eyes and mane) will be placed differently depending on what looks good, but if you have a strong preference for color placement I can probably handle it (most eye colors do not look good on the actual eyes, so I usually color the tires or window highlights instead!). At my discretion, I may add a gradient to a part of the body that is not the main body; this is not available upon request (but it'll usually happen without you asking if your Phony has too many colors). All babby phonies will display a shoshinsha sticker, in addition to a representation of whatever cutie mark they may have.

Since these are cars and not horses, some non-normative features will not show up at all (BnG, fetlocks - though the separate hoof color can be present somewhere on the car's body for free, alternate wings, et cetera). However, I can add some accessories, extensive TAF, and/or body edits for an additional fee. I know these are ridiculous already but please consider whether your desired non-normative feature would actually look reasonable on a car with dot eyes before making a request. The fee depends on the complexity of the exact request but will not exceed an additional 15 bux (please note that this means I'll just turn down any requests that would probably exceed the price T_T )

I currently have templates for mers, flutters, unicorns, alicorns, pegasi, earth phonies, and sparkle phonies. All wing types are represented as airplane wings because I say so. Carousel phonies are also available, but by default they will simply receive a sticker or paint job that alludes to their carousel parts, like any other phony.

Code: [Select]
[b]Phony:[/b] [url=LINK TO IMAGE HERE]NAME HERE[/url]
[b]Edits:[/b] Let me know whether you'd like a specific non-normative feature represented. Some features will not show up on cars and some may incur an additional fee.
[b]Coloration requests:[/b] Let me know whether you'd like a specific color placed in a specific region of the body (main body color, windows, window highlights, tires, tire centers; otherwise I'll do what I think looks best.), and if you have a preference for a paint job vs a sticker. In both cases they will be simplified: see Nina and Cosmic Reel in the first post banner.


Other Cars
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These cars cost 10 bux, but have fewer customization options. At this time I will not make any changes to the base for cars that are not based on a Phony, but you may opt in to any of the template edits except for sparkles. All colors will be solid, and eyes only come in default black.

Cars are not sentient and thus not roleplayable, but you may keep them in your Stable as a collectible item for your Phony if for some reason you want to.

Code: [Select]
[b]Base color:[/b]
[b]Window color:[/b]
[b]Window highlight:[/b]
[b]Tire center:[/b]
[b]Horn:[/b] Y/N
[b]Wings:[/b] Y/N
[b]Mer Tail:[/b] Y/N
[b]Shoshinsha sticker:[/b] Y/N and placement (windows, as on Mecha Crusade, and rear, as on Cosmic Reel, are the only two options)


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Is this really allowed?
I did indeed DM Maxx.

Pui Pui Molcars is the best anime of 2021 and also has absolutely no connection at all to this thread.

Will you do my quest Phony for the Phony option?
Not at the moment.


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!! Mech is now open for business !!

...if you really want <__>


Re: The Garage
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Base color: #4f9b05
Window color: #71ca33
Window highlight: #c3ecb9
Tire: charcoal black
Tire center: white
Horn: N
Wings: N
Mer Tail: N
Shoshinsha sticker: Y

I want it to match Tangles, so I pulled from his colors. XD



Re: The Garage
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omg hahaha sorry for the form confusion and delay - the phony price is intended to reflect the fact that i have to draw cutie marks, but I also didn't factor in the thought that people might want to put shoshinsha marks on non-babbies or go for specific color locations; i'll think of a better way to organize the thread in future !!

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I made both a version with and without shoshinsha and colored its eyes for you, hehehe!! @Syrcaid


Re: The Garage
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Omg, it's so cute!!  Thank you! OAO