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Event History & Established Lore
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This thread will house an event history and established lore and meta overview when we can handle it.......

  • Christmas Grand Opening wherein My Little Phony officially opened and Phony Secret Santa plushie grams were established

  • Chinese New Valentine's wherein the Permababby Growing requirements were established after H**bro released the G4 webgame with the C*tiemark Cr*saders
  • Gaia Phony Easter
  • Summer Carnival wherein Customfest was first established
  • A Very Babby Halloween wherein Permababbies were first allowed cutiemarks without growing up, and the Phony Points system was established
  • Sugarsweet Christmas Anniversary wherein the Phonyland Petshop was established with dog, bird and cat

  • A Very Babby New Year
  • Valentine's Mini-Event
  • My Little Jelly: Jellicle Ball wherein Jellies were established and some Phonies turned into Jellies for one day.
  • Summerfest
  • Watery Halloween wherein one permababby lost a limb and two permababbies changed to 'drowned' colours by specially-adapted nanites
  • Very Flutter Candymas wherein Flutter Phonies were introduced

  • Wing It: Flutter-Semis & Babben Palooza wherein Jun ran the first CYOA, Choose your Own Deathventure, establishing the never-mentioned-again temporary existence of My Little Phony Friends, including a Red Bull to give a flutter wings.
  • ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ wherein Maxx made a guest Phony auction
  • StarieCustom MichieFest
  • Maxx Day Month with pirates for a Battleships dice game.
  • The Lyra & Bon Bon Sitting Pose Recolour Event wherein same-pose recoloured Phonies were established.
  • Summerfest wherein pygmy Phonies and dachshund dogs were introduced.
  • Totally Normal Halloween wherein A Perfectly Normal Midwife Phony delivered specially mutated breeding Permababbies.
  • Carousel Christmas wherein Carousel Phonies, gelatinous cube Jelly, and fluffy cats were introduced.

  • Year of the Horse Chinese New Valentine's
  • Hua Sheng Jie
  • Eastival
  • Maxx Day Month wherein Maxx made stream franken permababbies.
  • Jobstar Summerfest wherein the squishy pygmy pegis tradition started.*
  • Phive Pharties at Ph0ny's wherein Ph0ny the robot greeter establishes the animatronic Birthday Crew.
  • Jun's Birthday: So Jelly wherein Jellyfish were introduced.
  • Very Phony Yuletide wherein Merphonies were introduced and the first explosion at the Jelly Factory happens.

  • Easter Eggception wherein egg-to-Phonies first happened and Scaramouche Fandango ran the Enormously Egregious Excellent Egg Extraction CYOA (which Maxx wins and gives away)
  • Maxx Day Month wherein Scaramouche Fandango ran the Great Cape Caper CYOA (which Maxx also wins and gives away)
  • Phree! Eternal Summerfest wherein sharks were introduced.
  • Customfest wherein Phony Democracy judging first took place.
  • Haunted Housical wherein Scaramouche Fandango ran the Death Comes to Moneybags CYOA
  • Crystal Glam Christmas wherein Synergy Universe and the Crystalglams Phonies had the first crystal cutiemarks, the first Loving Family unit and the first multi-week prompt contest was introduced.

  • Take a Bowie wherein variant hair same-pose recolour Phonies were established.
  • Cookie Jam Easter wherein Phony democracy decided on the Cookie Jam theme (over G1) and the sweets-made-Phonies, and bears were introduced.
  • Magical Maxx Day Month wherein CYOs vied to be the most normal Earth Phony, who would grow up to be an alternate Magical Girl version, establishing the first official 'Magical' Girl Phony in canon.
  • Phokemon Go wherein Customfest was Phokemon-themed and there were a lot of bad puns, including Team NSYNC and Snatch Game for Phidgeys and non-normative birds.
  • Halloween Costume Ball wherein the vampire master-of-the-house Phony had facial hair as a non-normative trait but was likely not the first to have it, the first Jellies with non-normative carved faces were introduced, and Phakies with their rental/RP systems were introduced for newbies.
  • All Star Christmas wherein Sparkle Phonies and Stars (in a star factory explosion) were introduced.

  • Fondant of You, the second event with same-pose recoloured Phonies, made from CYO macaron templates.
  • Eggxterminate Eggxterminate wherein the set-up involved a mystery breeding for Haute Couture determined by Russian Roulette in a dangerous warehouse as everyone was hunted down by a walking egg.
  • Summer Stallies wherein the Star Stally CYOA confirms the first 'public' use of the killswitch and nanite manipulation of Phony memories.
  • Customfest
  • ...and more, Maxx has 5 more years to catch up with.