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WHAT'S CHANGED: Updates for Gaia Refugees

Started by Ph0ny, December 22, 2020, 04:27:45 PM

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Thank for following us from the pixel avatar hellsite to our little Phonyland corner of cyberspace!
Now that we're hurtling through the metaverse without Gaia's framework, some things have changed in My Little Phony.
Below is a quick summary of overarching and practical changes now that MLPh has its own forums - but remember, no matter how things change, Phonyland Loves You.

My Little Phony Admin Changes:
We are shifting towards a more 'adoptables' slant versus a B&C slant. Hopefully this will help us consistently make more Phonies 8D;; and be less confusing/niche for newcomers.
Here are the changes:
  • We would prefer you sign up with the same/similar/clearly referential username as your Gaia one, but if you would prefer to change it, please let us know who you are!
    Please note old certs will not be changed, but owner listings in text will (eventually) be updated.
  • If you're not in the habit of checking standalone forums, we highly recommend you join our Discord! We will still be sending event announcements via this forum's emailer system.
  • New Phonies with no lineage will only have the Old Enough (or where relevant, Permababby) stage.
    They will spring fully-formed when dropped off, with no growth times, but will assumed to IC-ly have had gone through the blister/babby stages if you so choose to RP them.
    You may buy earlier stages for these if you so wish, via Phony currency or RLC! Phonies from breedings will still experience the automatic growth cycle up to Permababby.
  • For each major event, at least 1 Phony will be released for free or Phony forum currency (e.g. free/Phonybux raffle, contest), and at least 1 Phony will be released for RL$ (e.g. auction or flatsale).
    Please consider supporting your local hustling Phony purveyors orz
  • You can create your own Stable now, instead of having us post the first post for you! Please feel free to arrange your Phonies as you wish.

Forum Functionality Changes:
We are using SMForums, meaning that some coding has changed. Besides minor changes in formatting BBC, the most important functions are:
  • Quote no longer notifies users. You must use @username to mention someone and alert them through the forum system.
    e.g. to get Maxx's attention, you should put in your message: @Maxx Hi!
  • Each page has 15 posts BUT once you delete posts, the next post will move up. So if you post 16 posts and get 2 pages, if you delete one on the 1st page, it will turn into 1 page and bring the 2nd page's post forward.
    No more aesthetic one-post pages, sorry!
  • Dice roll posts now need to be standalone, and cannot be edited. Do not edit your roll posts.
    It will call you a cheater in very mean ways.*
    *not really but it's really big and bold and Maxx hasn't had the time to change the image to something less hideous
  • We have introduced a new forum currency, Phony Bux (PhBux for short, the Ph is silent) that you earn by posting.
    Right now, they'll be used for things such as raffles and purchasing previous growth stages that we have no idea how to price yet....
    Phony Points currently still exist with their redeemables - we will let you know if this changes.
  • Event ending times are now in EST/EDT instead of PST, which we used as that was Gaia's default timezone, so events may now end earlier than you're used to!