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City Hall: Marriage & Commitment Bureau
« on: November 11, 2020, 03:34:24 PM »


Ceremony Slots for 2021:
Summer . Christmas


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Re: City Hall: Marriage/Commitment Bureau
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 03:34:41 PM »


Sometimes a Phony and another Phony love each other very much and RP together a lot, and then when they fulfil the RP requirements, they line up at City Hall when it's open once or twice a year at a major event, and ballot for a Ceremony Package. Why? Because they'll get the most number of Babbies they can get this way, I guess. And maybe some fancy clothes. Mawwiage!

Phonies don't ever have to be in relationships, or monogamous, or committed, or married at all if they don't want to be! It's just a reward for those who are RPing.

❥ Auto-maximised Babben clutch (e.g. 5 for regular strains - the only way to obtain maximum)
❥ Custom Phonyweddingwear package (note that you CANNOT specify look beyond dress or vest)
❥ Special event post dedicated to this display of your eternal love with personalised write-up by you

Couples are in vogue but ceremony slots are limited - thus City Hall will be balloting to determine each lucky couple.
Submit your application, and we will WEIGHT YOUR BALLOTS appropriately (e.g. additional tickets for extra RPs, numerous attempts).
We will then conduct the drawing in private, and declare the result ahead of time. The winning couple will be contacted for details.

:: Caveats
❥ No owner can have two Phony ceremonies in a row. No owner should have more than one Phony ceremony per 12 months, with the only exception being if there is no competition. Prioritise your pairings carefully!
At least one baby needs to be given back to Phonyland for event contest(s), as the events the weddings are attached to are dependent on having contest babbens! If you would prefer not to return your bab to us, please opt for normal breedings/RLC/bribe instead of signing up for an event wedding. If you're still interested in the wedding package (i.e. outfits), please inquire through offers, whether RL$, or Bux at the Boutique.
❥ In some cases, Phonies who originally came with Phonywear may not be eligible for the Custom Phonyweddingwear Package (some Phonywear is drawn directly onto the base art and thus the body would have to be reconstructed, which is beyond our tailor's ability). Nevertheless, even without the Phonyweddingwear, this is still considered the full Phonyland Ceremony Package. This largely only affects very early Phonywear Phonies!

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Re: City Hall: Marriage/Commitment Bureau
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2020, 03:34:50 PM »


Number of Applications: [ ... ]

Submit your applications by posting the following form in this thread:[/color][/size][/align]
Code: (bbcode) [Select]
[b]Owners:[/b] [owner 1] + [owner 2]
[b]Phony 1:[/b] [url=LINK TO STABLE]NAME OF PHONY[/url]
[b]Phony 2:[/b] [url=LINK TO STABLE]NAME OF PHONY[/url]
[b]Relationship Summary:[/b] (BRIEF summary of their relationship and development)
[b]RP Links:[/b] (must have AT LEAST 5 SUBSTANTIAL RPs*, ideally demonstrating the development of their relationship, completed BEFORE the wedding submission announcement)
[b]Previous Attempts:[/b] (links to previous applications - i.e. attempts to get them married)
[b]Previous Event Histories:[/b] (tell us if you've entered them in other couple events, e.g. breeding raffles, breeding contests (specifics preferred), exact numbers preferred but not required)
[b]Previously Committed Phonies:[/b] (list down previously married/committed Phonies for each owner, with date (e.g. Christmas 2012) if possible - delete section if N/A)
[b]Newbabben Plans:[/b] (tell us how many of the babbens you intend to keep/gift/donate back to us for contesting away in the event)

NOTE: This application is for consideration ONLY if there are no applications that involve two owners who have not had a wedding within 12 months of their previous one

*RP NOTE: Discord/chat/in-(Gaia)thread RP is eligible, but, just like in-forum RP, it must be (or add up to being, if your RP is in small portions) substantial enough to qualify. There must be at least 5 significant 'stories' submitted, which can consist entirely of in-forum RP, chat RP, or a mix of both, but they must all be complete, and completed before the applicable wedding submission announcement.
All 5 RPs must be in the context of Phonyland and My Little Phony canon to qualify as commitment RPs. AU/non-canonical RPs will not be valid for commitment ceremonies.

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Re: City Hall: Marriage/Commitment Bureau
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2020, 03:35:07 PM »

. FAQ .

Q: Why are there so few slots?!
A: Kids and clothes don't grow on trees. ;_;

Q: Can't we just hold our own ceremonies?!
A: Go wild! It just won't be legally recognised by Phonyland, that's all. But there are literally no benefits to being legally recognised by Phonyland, anyway.

Q: We don't want an event ceremony, kids, nor clothes. Can we just register our marriage at City Hall and do nothing else or hold our own ceremony?
A: Sure! We can register your status officially and you will be legally recognised by Phonyland! But there are literally no benefits to being legally recognised by Phonyland.

Q: If we just register our marriage, is there any way to get Babbens in the future outside of the RNG breedings?
A: We do offer an RLC variant of breeding, and while there is no guarantee that we will pick your RLC application, odds are much better than RNG, and we will take your committed status into account. Please note that ONLY wedding packages allow for maximum clutch number, regardless of your RP situation.

Q: Will we ever be able to get a wedding clothes package outside of weddings?
A: There is every chance you could persuade our tailor to do so through Phonywear offers, whether RL$ or Bux but especially RL$.

Q: We've secured a wedding package! There's something we'd really like to have for our wedding clothes, but we can see that we're not allowed any input there. Is there anything we can do about this?
A: Please inquire with our tailor as to whether you can achieve your specification through an RL$ offer top-up, and he will assess it on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can a Phony get married more than once?
A: A previously committed Phony must have their commitment terminated through divorce or annulment before becoming eligible for another ceremony. Please contact us for such proceedings.

Q: Can a polygamous unit get married?
A: Technically, yes, but try to keep it to a throuple for the logistics. The wedding outfits will be accordingly simplified to just an accent on each partner due to the increased work. Just due to logistics, the Babbens will still primarily get their genes from two partners as nominated by the owners - entirely, if Newbabbies through knocking hooves; and primarily, with only one or two simple traits, such as a body colour, from further partners, for gene-splicing Blisterpacks.

Q: What is the difference between a wedding and a commitment ceremony?!
A: Nothing. A prior couple specifically requested a commitment ceremony rather than a wedding, so we left the lingo on the menu.

Q: What is the actual balloting process like?
A: Each application is a base 'ticket', upon which extra tickets are added based on factors such as RP, past couple-activity, and past weddings per (other) owner(s in the drawing). Other factors (e.g. priority multipliers for the couples we've been previously contacted about before the erection of City Hall) may also contribute to the modification of the ticket list. When the ticket list is worked out to our satisfaction, the rolling is conducted privately on

Q: Should I include incomplete RPs/what happens if I don't finish the RP or recording the RP?
A: While you are welcome to add them to the list for a record of the "journey," incomplete RPs cannot be accepted for the RP requirements and will not make a difference for tickets. All RPs used for wedding RP requirements must be completed before the wedding submission announcement, even completing them on the same day after the announcement would not count. This is to prevent last-minute gaming for tickets to increase the odds, as the tickets given for such activity are supposed to be a reward for labour for love's sake over time. You may, however, still log RPs done outside of the forum into the forum during the submission period, provided you proof that the conclusion occurred before submission period.

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Re: City Hall: Marriage/Commitment Bureau
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2021, 02:03:58 PM »


:: 2011
Halloween: Yawn & Tangles
Christmas: Negative + Noël

:: 2012
Summer: TACO + Sugar Delight
Christmas: Taquita + End of an Era

:: 2013
Summer: Lullaby + Draft Punk
Christmas: Fourseam Fastball + Moon River

:: 2014
Easter: Aurora Light + Pale Moonlight
Summer: Starlight + Due North
Halloween: Mooncake + Lemure of Love Lost
Christmas: Pink Lemonade + Midnight Snack

:: 2015
Spring: Sweet Bread + Hard Truths
Summer: Moth Drops + Valiant
Christmas: Royal Blossom + Espresso Brulee
Christmas [Event]: Rose Aegis + Comet Chaser

:: 2016
Summer: Mandrake Blossom + Ikebana
Christmas: Rose Knight + Honeysuckle

:: 2017
Summer: Valkyrie + Reaper
Christmas: Cirrus + La Llorona

:: 2018
Halloween [RLC]: Marquee + Planchette

:: 2019
Easter: May Day + Candy Dandy

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