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Phony Bazaar / The Garage
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:47:26 AM »
Once upon a time, there lived a foal named Mecha Crusade. He lived a happy life constructing Gunpla models, but his hobby grew far too expensive for his allowance to purchase the latest models. Thus he, too, succumbed to the curse that is capitalism, and sought a productive career. His first choice of occupation was met with veto from supervisory adult figures, because apparently foals and cars do not mix. Convinced he'd never purchase another Phony Gunpla, he sulked for several days, until a clever friend of his envisioned a new way out...The Garage.

Wheek! Wheek! Wheek!

General Discussion / this is a public code test thread
« on: December 26, 2020, 01:50:34 PM »
join me if you want!!

what is a teletype and how is it different from
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