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Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« on: January 24, 2022, 06:00:11 PM »

What's black and white and red all over? Phonyland right now!
Because Phonyland's Christmas Anniversary event is so delayed, it's now Lunar New Year, and we're featuring white tigers and snowy leopards for Christmas in the Year of the Tiger!

(Yeah, we're going through some thingsTM.)

Phonyland is elegantly decorated in wintry tones for "Christmas" while snow is still in season, punctuated with tasteful explosions of red lanterns and crackers and blood and so are the big cat - Phonies!
Our glorious white tiger raffle girl, and snow leopard auction boy, are certainly turning heads on their catwalk, and the little cat-perma and his tiger-themed pet friends are catstepping like they're on a hot tin roof!

But amidst the festivities - what's this? Fresh leads on a six-year-old mystery of missing Phonies?! This can only mean one thing...a CYOA!

Please refer to the Directory below for a breakdown of what Catmas New Year has to offer.

Twice-As-Fancy Earth with Non-normative Tail, Ears, Fluff, and FangsWhite Tiger - Post 2 - Minigames & PhBux Raffle [FREE! and/or 10 PhBux per tix up to 10]
Twice-As-Fancy Earth with Non-normative Tail, Ears, Fluff, Fangs and EyesSnow Leopard - Post 3 - RL$ Auction [starting from US$50]
Twice-As-Fancy Earth with Non-normative Tail'Tiger' Tabby Cat - Post 2 - Minigames & PhBux Raffle [FREE! and/or 10 PhBux per tix up to 10]
'Tiger' Friends: tiger shark, tiger shrike, tiger beer bear - Post 2 - Minigames & PhBux Raffle [FREE! and/or 10 PhBux per tix up to 10]
Unicorn with PhonywearBureaucracy - Post 3 - CYOA [FREE!]
Pygmy Twice-As-Fancy EarthTulip Two-step - Post 3 - CYOA [FREE!]
Earth MerRock Lobster - Post 3 - CYOA [FREE!]

New to My Little Phony? Click the banner below for our information board:

Old to My Little Phony and lost as hell?
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White Tiger & 'Tiger' Friends - TASKS & PhBUX RAFFLE
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(click for larger preview)

Twice-As-Fancy Earth with Non-normative Tail, Ears, Fluff, and FangsWhite Tiger
Twice-As-Fancy Earth with Non-normative Tail'Tiger' Tabby Cat | 'Tiger' Friends: tiger shark, tiger shrike, tiger beer bear

Rawr! The vivacious White Tiger knows this is her year - and she wants to play 15 questions! Will you play along?

There are three ways to get tickets in this raffle: one free ticket claim, free weekly tasks, and Phony Bux tickets.

Paid Ticket Price - 10 Phony Bux per ticket

. Ticket-Claiming Instructions .
♥ We will be vending tickets until 11.59pm EST, 28th February 2022
♥ Everybody can buy up to 10 PhBux tickets, claim 1 free ticket and participate in the weekly tasks for up to 15 tickets for this raffle.
♥ You cannot choose the ticket numbers as we are recording them down in the order they are posted.
♥ Please note the drawing will not take place at end time and will be rolled later.
♥ Winner will be announced and @ed in-thread. Once we have been given a suitable name, the Phony will be certed and delivered!

To start gathering your tickets,


Snow Leopard - RL$ AUCTION
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Twice-As-Fancy Earth with Non-normative Tail, Ears, Fluff, Fangs, and EyesSnow Leopard

The imperious Snow Leopard is much more dignified - he doesn't want to play, he wants to run. Because he's a horse amirite Can you keep up?

Starting Bid - US$50
Minimum Bid Increment - US$1

. Bidding Instructions .
♥ We will be accepting bids (in US$ only) until 9pm EST on 28th February 2022
♥ Upon bidding, you commit to paying your bid total upon the end of the auction
- If the final top bidder cannot do so or does not respond within 48 hours, the Phony will be offered to the next highest bidder
- Should we need to, we reserve the right to hold the auction again in special (and probably unfortunate) circumstances
♥ For details on Phony rehoming and/or potential reselling, please check the T&Cs.
♥ There is a snipe guard of 10 minutes - a bid made in the last 10 minutes will extend the bidding by another 10 minutes
♥ Winner will be announced and @ed in-thread at the end of the auction

To submit your bid,


Lost...and Found?! A Surprise CYOA
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Unicorn with PhonywearBureaucracy
Pygmy Twice-As-Fancy EarthTulip Two-step
Earth MerRock Lobster

The sudden reappearance of a missing Phony has shocked Phonyland to the core!
In the start of the good year 2022, Paper Tiger recently re-emerged into Phony City, begging that the Phony populace help recover a long lost group of Phonies she was once a part the mountains?

Though sympathetic, some dismissed the child's pleas as the ramblings of a young, deluded, traumatised mind. A grim and wise mare, however, listened to her story.
Having lost part of her happy family and with the Missing Phonies department being of no help, she was determined to investigate what could be pieced together from Paper Tiger's confused recollection.

And this is where you come in: join the CYOA and help find these lost Phonies! If you do it well enough, then...perhaps one of them might just go home with you.

Price - FREE

. CYOA Instructions .
♥ The CYOA will be running until 11.59pm EST, 28th February 2021.
- But please note the sign-ups and each stage will be running for a limited period of time and cannot be done after the fact.
So make sure you can commit to replies throughout the month!
♥ This CYOA will be run by Scaramouche Fandango, who will tally points based on your answers to decide the top 3 winners at the end of the CYOA.
- Points tallying will take some time, so please be patient.
♥ Winners will be announced and @ed in-thread.

. About This Rehoming Event .
♥ These Old Enough Phonies come as-is with set cutiemarks and features - the base artwork will not be changed.
♥ As their names and cutiemarks are themed together, we prefer not to change their names.
- However, if you are very set on a new name that makes sense with their cutiemark, you may raise it for review after winners are announced.
♥ Besides these, you may change everything else - their personality, background story, memories etc - as Phonyland can helpfully wipe the slate clean and implant different memories should you wish to do so!
- On the other hand, if you want to keep the notion of their history before this event, you can do so as well, but we suggest keeping it vague if you're not familiar with how they used to be played.

To enter this game,


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If you're keen on linking us somewhere, here's our banner along with our gratitude! 8D

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. FAQ .

If you're a first-time visitor to Phonyland who is interested in owning a Phony, please look through the currently under construction but still pretty relevant Information subforum for the specifics of Phony ownership!
Some selections have been reproduced below to answer the frequently asked questions of Event dynamics...

I'm here from the old stomping grounds and I am so lost bruh
We are too! But uhhh click here for WHAT'S CHANGED: Updates for Gaia Refugees.
Thank you so much for following us to a new home, especially with its current hideousness!

Wow you can see everything in the preview!
That's right! If you've read WHAT'S CHANGED, you'll know that the standard new Phonies no longer have growing stages in our Adoptables shift from B/C life.
We figured you should get to see all of it now! If you really hate this move though, please let us know - we'll definitely keep it in mind.

Are they really still Phonies tho?


Can we co-own/gift Phonies?
Due to the nature of the contest(s) in this event, Phonies won through contest cannot be gifted.
Unless otherwise stated in the Event, Phony winners may gift their newly won Phony to another person,
provided that the person is registered on the MLPh forums, actually interested in our products  and is willing to assume all the required responsibilities of a Phony owner.
Co-owing is allowed, but all potential disputes must be settled by the owners themselves and there is no guarantee all owner names may fit onto the cert in excessive cases.

Can I enter if I already own a Phony?
Yes. One word: HERDS.

What happens if I win more than one Phony in this event?
Due to the limited supply, unless otherwise stated, each person can only keep up to ONE non-RL$ Phony and ONE RL$ Phony from the event.
If you win more than one free Phony, you may keep your top pick, and either gift or forfeit the remainder. For Phonies that cannot be gifted (as stated in the Event, e.g. concept contests), they must be forfeited if you choose not to keep them, where they will be given to the next runner-up. Raffle Phonies that are forfeited will be rerolled. You may make your choice only at the conclusion of the event if you'd prefer.

Phony Pets will only be potentially rolled once per person in this event, and as such Pet quotas do not apply this time.

More questions will be added if they are asked!


Christmas-New Year 2022 Event Discussion
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. Event Discussion .

Want to eschew modernity and talk about the event like it's 2002 in a proper forum thread, dangit!?

Chat with other like-minded forum-goers and


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #7 on: March 04, 2022, 08:24:22 AM »
Thank you all for celebrating Catmas New Year with us like it's actually a thing! (Well it is, but also isn't...)

After a ferocious auction, Snow Leopard now belongs to @cursedwanderer !
We're glad y'all enjoy this wild and bitey boy, thank you!

It was such a joy looking through your amazing White Tiger & 'Tiger' Friends tasks, and so delightful to learn more new things about you (and for some of you, your cats) through Lunar New Year traditions and cat-dollmakers.
The diceroller has determined that @Pixeldeerest now owns White Tiger, and @Wyrm gets the Tabby perma!
For the Phony pets, tiger beer bear now belongs to @Fealine , tiger shark to @Astraea , and tiger shrike to @Ruriska .

Finally, three cheers for the survivors rescuers of Lost...and Found?! A Surprise CYOA! Special thanks to Scaramouche Fandango for creating and running this astoundingly detailed and horrifying journey to the mountains and back!
Now the lost Phonies return home, and for three of them, their new home is one of you! The winners in order: @FrostyPeaches , @purpleroses and @Syrcaid !
Please post your preference list ( Bureaucracy / Tulip Two-step / Rock Lobster ) here in-thread, and they will be recerted to you.

New Phony winners, please post your Phony names right here in this thread, ideally by the weekend!

Pet winners, please post for certing here with the preview image and state which pet you've won.

Thank you all so much for all the amazing enthusiasm and love you've shown us!
In turn, please remember that Phonyland loves you, like a tiger loves...meat? This metaphor ran away with me.
Anyway, we'll see you again in a bit!


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #8 on: March 04, 2022, 09:09:18 AM »
Snow leopard will be named Frostbite! :)

Thank you for this fun event!
I am disabled, so if I'm slow to reply or disappear for a bit that's probably why.  Thank you for your understanding.


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #9 on: March 04, 2022, 10:36:31 AM »
Tulip Two-step, Rock Lobster,  Bureaucracy

(I like all of them, though. >A> I just picked a random pref mix.)


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #10 on: March 04, 2022, 11:08:01 AM »
Congrats everyone!!
My preference is for Tulip Two-step, Bureaucracy and Rock Lobster 🦞💜


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #11 on: March 04, 2022, 12:37:17 PM »
Thank you for another fun event
-- poor Paper Tiger. hope she is not traumatized all over again seeing that massive endboss at the end lolol :o  :P

Congrats winners
My pref is Rock Lobster , thank you
so sleepyyy ;-;


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #12 on: March 05, 2022, 10:25:25 AM »
Thank you so much for the event!

White Tiger girl will be Huntress!


Re: Christmas-New Year 2022: CATMAS NEW YEAR
« Reply #13 on: March 07, 2022, 06:21:55 AM »
Aaah, my apologies for the late response, I had a very hectic week!! ;v; Thank you so much for the fun event, I'd like to name my permabby Cat's Meow, if possible!