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[PRP]Timeless flare (Hot Rod/Bon Appetit)
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The big door of the garage beneath Hot Rod's home was wide open.  It was a lovely day in Phonyland but the door wasn't open just to enjoy the sun and breezes.  As usual when the door was open the phony also know as Roddy was working on a project.  In fact he'd actually just finished and the scent of fresh paint was the other reason the door was open.  Fans kept the scents circulating away from the game room side of the garage where a pair of young phonies played some racing game on the huge tv.   The celebratory music marked the end of the most recent race which was accompanied by a surprised whoop from the fragile looking flutter phoal and a grumbled curse from the pegasus philly. Roddy shook his head disappointed but didn't comment on his daughter's exclamation.

Looking for distraction from her loss, Rocket Cat peered over the back of the couch.  "Oh did you finish the new paint job dad?" she asked jumping over the couch and gliding over to the work space.
"Hey! You can't leave just because you lost a round!" Spirit Tracks objected but he fluttered over to join them.

Roddy barely looked up from where he was putting his airbrush and paint away.  "Yes, it's finished.  Don't touch!" he warned as the youngsters approached the go cart.  It was the newest model of RC's go cart and now sported a paint job with a silver base and flames in yellow, red, and purple that matched her hair.  Once upon a time Hot Rod could had been found tinkering around with a classic Firebird, a gorgeous vehicle that he couldn't drive without modifications.  After years of debate the car now had a permanent home with his best friend and brother Jasper the hyte.  There was another large project under cover where the car used to live, but mostly Roddy now focused on his new passion, airbrush art, and tinkering with RC's go cart.

Finished with cleanup he turned to join the children as they circled the go cart.



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The smell of fresh bread wafted from the bakery window as Bon Appetit finished preparing a small basket of goodies.  Inside was some delicious looking sub sandwiches, a few regular sandwiches for the children, as well as a few pastries.  All homemade bread and baked by the fresh baker.  After locking up the store she walked down toward a certain colorful Pegasus's home.  The blonde mare wondered how she'd gotten so luck to catch the eye of Hot Rod, or Roddy as he was called.  For awhile now she'd been painfully single after a short romance with Bluegrass gave her three lovely children.  Knot Bit was still at home but she'd gone off with friends for the afternoon.  Of course Barley Pop and Country Kitchen had moved out into their own stables, now happily in their own culinary field.  They visited often and they had family dinners every week but Bon bon had to admit she was a little lonely.  Her sister, Scent Puff, had her handsome stallion Taiko while her other sister, Noel, was happily married.  So meeting Roddy and seeming to hit it off made her little painted heart flutter a bit.

Their first conversation had mostly been getting to know some about each other.  Both revealed they were parents but unattached.  Bon Bon liked that he seemed a responsible father, it meant a lot to her about his personality.  Plus he had such confidence, something the little mare seemed to lack in ways.  She was the shyer sister of the three French Sisters, always quiet and polite.  Puffy had more confidence than you could shake a french roll at and Noel was bursting with it as well.  But Bon was softer, gentler.  Her sisters had tried at times to get her speak up more but her own shyness and gentle nature usually won over.  Except with Roddy.  She felt more confidant with him, a different kind of confidant.  It was this confidence that had her trotting to his home, a small basket of baked goods with her.

Approaching the stable she noticed the garage open and the smell of paint.  He must be working on another car.  She also heard the sound of foals, some of his children must be there as well.  Daintily walking up the drive way she stopped and smiled.  "Ah...bonjour Roddy," she said with a soft but warm voice.  Grey eyes looked to the bright haired pegi and pastel flutter, "Bonjour lettel ones."  Unlike her sister, Bon bon didn't have as thick of an accent but it was still there.  It got thicker if she got upset or too flustered.  She walked over and set the basket down, "I 'ope you do non mind.  I brought some sandwiches for you and the petit ones."


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As Roddy joined RC and Spirit Tracks, he heard someone approaching.  The breeze brought the scent of fresh baking and that touch of something else that defined Bon Appetit.  He smiled happily and the children turned toward the door as Bon greeted them all.
"Good day, Bon.  It's a pleasure to see you always.  And we certainly wouldn't object to some of your wonderful food," he strode over to take the basket.

"Bonjour, Miss Bon Appetit," Tracks said practicing the French, but mixing in the polite address for an adult lady he usually used.  As an aspiring tour guide it was important to learn at least some basics in a variety of languages.
"Hello Miss Bon!" RC shouted, drowning out anything further Tracks might say.  "Come look at my new racer!  Dad just finished painting the flames!"